Freediving Safety Website

Shallow water blackout claims the lives of several spearfishers every year and whilst the absolute best possible way to improve your freediving ability and become a safer diver is to enrol in a formal freediving course, this may not always be an option for some.

In response to this, US freediving instructor, Ted Harty, has created a free, online course available to everyone which covers important freediving safety procedures. The course takes a little over an hour to complete and whilst this is not a replacement for a formal training course it does give a very good understanding of the risks of freediving and how to mitigate them.

The course is available at

New First Aid Technique for Shark Bite on Leg

In 2021, emergency physician and Associate Dean of the ANU Medical School, Dr Nicholas Taylor, proposed a new technique that could save the lives of shark attack victims who were bitten below the torso, and all it involves is applying pressure near the victim's groin as shown on the adjacent poster:

The presentation itself can be found on the Australian College of Emergency Medicine's website at